Exterior is the artist moniker of Edinburgh producer Doug MacDonald. It’s the final destination of a lengthy musical transition that’s seen him explore a diversity of sounds, absorbing a plethora of influences along the way. He cut his teeth in the hardcore and noise rock scene where he spent many years finely tuning his performance skills. During this time that he was bewitched by the power of live drumming, something that’s kept a hold on him ever since and has played a big part in shaping his attitude to making music.

In the intervening years ‘Dancing Doug’, as he’s known in the Edinburgh underground, has evolved as an artist. His style has mutated as his personal and musical interests have changed, playing out in a gradual transformation that has resulted in a richly layered sound. Acts as diverse as Burial, Nathan Fake, Bjork have helped shape the melodic and textural features, underpinned by the influence of rhythmic mavericks including Fugazi, Battles and Gang of Four they create an engaging new whole rather than a simple reflection of these influences.

Public Transport | Exterior from Land Recordings on Vimeo.